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Pepper Can be Grown in Pots

Posted on: Maret 8, 2011

The pepper is one of the vegetables can be grown in pots. The size of the plant and its substrate requirements make it suitable to grow in a pot when there is not enough space to do it directly on the floor.

This plant is native Solanum Bolivia and Peru, where he cultivated several species. Like many otrasplantasculinarias was brought to Spain by Columbus on his first voyage, from where it was exported to the rest of Europe is a product of great commercial importance.

It is a plant that requires high temperature to grow and flourish, must be cultivated between 20 and 28 º C. Need lots of light, especially to flower, so the pots should place them in sunny locations. Nutrient-rich soil and well drained.

Broadly speaking, we find three main varieties of peppers: Sweet, confrutosgrandes used to eat fresh. Hot, thin and elongated confrutosnormalmente. Varieties for seasonings such as paprika, there are both sweet and spicy.

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